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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 29, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PST

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and that breaking news is in the south bay.
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major development tonight in a san jose murder investigation. the body of 28-year-old kyle myrik has been located. good evening i'm dan. >> i'm amma. let's get right to lisa with the breaking details. lisa? >>reporter: a moving vigil tonight in honor of kyle myrik. behind me a lot of candles were left by family and friends in this boarded up building behind me that was part of the murder scene. kyle's mother learned just as she was leaving her house for tonight's event that her son opposite body had been found. 28-year-old disappeared friday acting on tip the detectives found kyle's body in the area of jamieson creek road in remote part of the santa cruz mountains at 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. santa clara county coroner confirms the body is in fact that of myrik. the suspect in the killing is 39-year-old steve leeb his co-worker at g p motor sports. this is video of the court appearance yesterday. police say myrik was killed by
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steve leeb last friday after the two fought at work. victim's family has searched non-stop since. they admit knowing where kyle is is bitter sweet. >> i don't like thinking about what happened to him. when you hear what, how it took place in here, i just it just my body aches. he feel like my heart was ripped out because this crazy man just suddenly attacked my son. >> detectives say they found the victim's blood in a work police storage shed as well as his severed ear. blood was also found in leeb's truck. investigators charged leeb 0with myrik murder despite not knowing where the body was. until tonight. back live, leeb remains behind bars, bail has not been setm live in san jose tonight, lisa, abc 7 news. thank you. other breaking story is out of sonoma county where two
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people are dead after single engine plane they were flying from palm springs crashed as they were trying to land. faa says the piper commanche on final approach to the a irpt in santa rosa at 7:00 o'clock tonight when it crashed into a pasture two miles south of the airport. >> neighbors say they heard a loud roar moments before the plane went down near wood ranch road. the ntsb will investigate the cause of the crash. it was foggy in the area of that plane crash tonight. >> let's go to sandhya and look at live doppler 7hd. >> yes. it was foggy in the area an also it was raining. let me show you radar right now seeing light rain from ukiah to santa rosa. i'm going to take you in closer here and show you where the yellow are showing up between fort bragg and mendocino where moderate pockets of rain have developed. and as we look at clover dale, geyser road light rain across 101 right now east bay seeing some spotty showers from
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hercules out towards beth el island, rio vista on the storm impact scale we are ranking the storm 1 is light. 5 severe. all winter would have been doing that to help you prepare. this one from tonight through tomorrow is a one. rain friday heaviest in the north. expect rough surf to continue with light winds. morning commute is going to be a wet one and even beyond that we have rain i'll have the accu-weather weekend forecast coming right up. >> thanks sandhya. now to sky 7 hd showing the multi-million dollar house in san francisco that is now just a pile of rubble. the hillside where the house was located is sliding and with more rain on the way, city officials made the decision to order an emergency demolition >> the house is on this avenue here and alan joins us live with our developing story. alan? >>reporter: the the the the the the the the the the demolition of the 4 bedroom home continues tomorrow. but when it's done the problem won't be solved because it's not the house. it's the hillside that is
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moving. 5 other homes around this one are being threatened. >> it's been a bad week. >>reporter: ronald was at his father's funeral in ohio when the city of san francisco called to tell him his newly bought home had to be demonthly issued. family hadn't even moved in yet. >> foundation is still trying to do the job to keep tonight place. it's the hill that is moving. >>reporter: next door neighbors steven was the first to notice his driveway separating from the sidewalk. >> and of course slipping down the hill could affect our house so we are very concerned about that. >>reporter: by the time demolition crew arrived the house had separated 14 inches from the street and sank about a foot. it's threatening to fall on jason's home below. >> land slide, this house will come down because of the wind and then of course it will hit my house. >>reporter: also below is this home where water is seeping out of the ground and that's not all. >> in the last 72 hours the the continual crack. since buckle.
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the soil below us has risen about 5 and a half, maybe 6 inches. >>reporter: the ground is splitting and stone wall crumbling. the city is now ordering 5 homeowners to hire a soil engineer to prove their homes are safe. in san francisco, abc 7 news. we have confirmed a second private school in san francisco is now investigating whether its students attended racially themed party. 14 student here have been suspended for taking part in the event. now we have learned sacred heart cathedral looking into whether its students also attended. that's where we find cornell tonight. >>reporter: the president of sacred heart tells me tonight he's concerned some of his students may have attended that party. mean time at least a dozen students at another prestigious high school in san francisco won't be in class tomorrow. racist theme party at stern grove over the weekend brought
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out students from several local high schools. the president of prestigious sake read heart prep if any of his students were there they could be disciplined fight our kids are involved we always talk to them with it because it's important that sacred heart cathedral that we really respect everyone for who they are and where they come from. >>reporter: 14 students at saint ignacius high school were suspended for taking part in the so-called wig party combining white and the n word. >> dressing in clothes that were inappropriate and appropriated the worst of black culture. >>reporter: principal patrick rough says the school sent a letter home to parents explaining what happened. >> so contradictory to who we are and what we want toychbility i'm ashamed to be at the school no, pictures of the party wound up on social media. he and others were disappointed to see some fellow students. >> very sad time in our school for all of us. >>reporter: others say bad judgment, yes.
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malicious, no. >> they did not have the intent of hurting any one. >>reporter: saint ignacius high school found entered 1855 is only 5 percent african american. many hope the party has a lesson. >> got to learn some history and hopefully history doesn't repeat itself. >>reporter: teachable moment for all, in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and now to the race for president and tonight it was fox news versus donald trump republican front runner kept his word and did not attend the g.o.p. debate in iowa. instead he held his own competing event while rest of the leading republican candidate sparred on stage. here's brandi. >> there was clearly a different feeling during tonight's debate with fewer attacks. donald trump making a point in not showing up. so his name was mentioned several times. >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >>reporter: republican show down like no other in iowa. >> i kind of miss donald trip. i have not insulted donald
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personally an don't intend to. >>reporter: front runner donald trump boycotting the fox news debate. >> has any one seen trump? where is trump? >>reporter: instead holding his own rally for veterans at the exact same time. >> we raised over 5 million dollars in one day. donald trump gave 1 million dollars. okay. >>reporter: trump clearly upset with his feud over megan kelly. >> i'll not do the debate out of respect for myself. >>reporter: across town trump closest competitor in iowa ted cruz moved front and center on the debate stage. >> everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. and ben you are a terrible surgeon. now that we have gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. >>reporter: cruz also came under attack as flip flopper on amnesty for illegal immigrants. >> i was for legalization. so was ted but nowfua he sits wt so. that's not true. >> we led the fight against amnesty. >> truth is ted throughout this campaign you have been willing to say or do anything in order
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to get votes. stop the washington bull and let get things done. >>reporter: the dualing events too much to resist for republican candidates mike and rick. they went to the trump rally. in des moines iowa, abc 7 news. coming up next on 7 news at 11:00. the rash of thefts in the south bay that has people fearing their most sensitive personal information now on in the wrong hands. >> plus remembering a giant in san francisco music scene. tribute tonight to founding member of jefferson airplane. >> we track the rain moving into the bay area right now. he sandhya is back with the hour by hour forecast for this wet weather. >> here's what's coming up tonight right after abc 7 news at 11:00. jimmy. >> thanks. here's proof that we really did do some work day. alec guinness does ray not alive any more but --
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>> jj really impressive. >> amaze what they can
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while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. musician who defined san francisco sound has died. paul cantor co-founder of 1960's psychedelic rock band jefferson airplane and spin off jefferson starship. it was the first group to get a national record contract. he died today in a san francisco hospital after falling ill this week. he was 74 years old. tonight people in south bay neighborhood are worried some of the most sensitive personal information could be at risk after thieves broke into more than 100 million boxes overnight. it's a federal crime so it's getting the attention of federal authorities. new at 11:00 here's lisa. >> they are doing this in the daytime. >> not daytime i think nighttime. >>reporter: they are bold and fearless thieves stolen from more than 100 families near the ranch golf course. first they jimmy the master box where incoming mail goes. that allows the entire row of boxes to swing open.
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giving the suspects access tovring. >> quite courageous for them to open all of it. >>reporter: they weren't worried about much including the camera which was pointed right at them at the time. or even those people that live right there. they could have heard everything. thieves have hit the boxes before. >> twice in 7 days. >>reporter: also the third time in a matter of months. that's why the postal inspector is now involved. residents are worried about their own safety and personal security. get w 2. i think they are targeting that basically. getting access to personal information. >>reporter: mail theft is a federal crime punishable to 5 years in prison. in san jose, abc 7 news. bay area college students got a sneak peek of next week's new episode of abc comedy fresh off the boat. >> we were at uc berkeley for special screening. show deals with the chinese new year. executive producer talked about
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his inspiration for the show. >> what a great opportunity to sort of talk about chinese new year in new way to wider audience. growing up it was odd to be at school when you are very happy about the new year and people didn't understand what you were talking about. finally have an opportunity to talk about it on network television. >> you can catch fresh off the boat in the new time and day next tuesday at 8:00 right here on abc 7. that rain is back. we had a nice little dry spell. 4 days or so. >> we needed it. now into a new pattern. sandhya is here with that. >> new and wet pattern at least for a few days. as we look at live doppler 7hd i show you where it is raining right now. north bay the rain is focused. very light. from geyserville to healdsburg as i take you into street level radar here across 101 we are also seeing some light rain in concord right now and most of this is not measuring so far 4 hundredths of an inch in santa rosa.
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napa. about a third in ukiah. look at the visibility right now. we have some fog santa rosa mile an half. half moon bay just over mile so morning commute will include pocket of poor visible just prepare accordingly. temperature in the 50's and live look getting ready for superbowl 50 festivities there as we look towards the embarcadero from our 7 news exploratorium camera situated at pier 15. clouds gather. it's a rainy morning cimmute. scattered showers in the afternoon with colder storm coming in on sunday. the system that is coming in right now going into tomorrow on our storm impact scale is light storm. it's a one. it will include rain heaviest in the north way. rough surf up to 6 tenths of an inch of rain. light wind. the waves and the wet weather two things you will need to watch out for and here's the hour by hour time line. 11:00 o'clock tonight we are basically looking at some rain moving n.4 a.m. commute time the orange and yellow here indicating some moderate pockets of rain.
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green are lighter rain fall 5:00 a.m. it's wide spread and light rain for the morning commute. 6:00 o'clock it's still going tomorrow. 8:00 a.m. still looking at some wet roadway and by noon time scattered showers but the wet weather continues into 3:00 p.m. before we go to scattered showers for the evening rush hour light and spotty as we head towards the late night hours for your saturday morning we have another bad of showers go through. it's all part of the same system influenced el nino influence system that mild storm. snow levels in the sierra running really high right now but they will be dropping. rainfall total with this system really expecting about a tenth of app inch in places like san oh, is a i to 6 tent for napa, santa rosa, north up there up to inch of arraignment storm is generating some big surf. 19 at bodega bay, 19 feet. 20 feet at monterey bay. high surf advisory in effect if 4 a.m. saturday. west swell expected to remain high. sneaker wave and rip current
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possibility certainly there. snow level will drop to about 4 or 5000 feet. winter storm warning starts tomorrow afternoon until sat at 10:00 a.m. 6 to 16 inches of snow expected with gust to 60. you know it is going to be white out winter conspiracy as far as driving. you will need to carry the chains if heading in. would i head up there tomorrow earlier in the day rather than later. saturday morning still see the cloud. watch what happens as we head to sunday morning at midnight. colder storm comes in. it's coming in from the south and we will see pockets of heavy rain to the south with some rain snow mix over mount hamilton indicated by the pink there behind the storm. wind will kick up and it is going to be gusty at times for your sunday afternoon. so it will feel cooler. it will be windy tomorrow morning expect those temperatures in the low to mid 50's. it's going to be a wet commute and then tomorrow afternoon you are looking at cooler readings than today. scattered showers upper 50's to the low 60's for your friday
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afternoon for superbowl city festivities on saturday. showers get out in time for mostly cloudy skies in the morning mid 50's peek of sun then at night it's chilly. low 50's. accu-weather 7 day forecast friday into saturday that storm is a one on our storm impact scale. sunday system is a one. tuesday we'll see if punxsutawney phil see as shadow that is also one. tuesday wednesday accu-weather 7 day forecast is ify right now. model in disagreement. we'll wait to see what they actually decide. >> hate it when they quarrel. >> i know.
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ji scandal star kerry washington got her own parade today. this is woman of the year recipient hazing pudding. each year harvard theet ri cal nation eldest graduate drama group. the honor included traditional roast and the presentation of a gold pudding pot. you can see washington playing olivia pope when all new episodes of scandal return two week from his tonight on february 11. >> all right. another day another city rai raiders might move to. >> sorry to keep it all straight. >> mark davis must go let's
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good evening. warriors have the best record in the nba and accordingly they have the most players going to the all star game. 3. reserve announce green and thompson will be joining curry in toronto next month. unlike the fans voted for the starters coach pick the reserve and the squad second state year. scoring 45 doesn't hurt the cause any. play afternooning 21 points per game. up until the last day of the voting looked like green was going to be a starter for the reserve but this is first all star game appearance. leading the nba with 8 triple double and bringing his family in from michigan for this game. >> i'm from saginaw, michigan and it's in toronto like a 5 hour drive so i don't have to get flightsment just do lucky a mini bus. fit like 20 people and i'll bring all my family up on the
1:36 am
bus. fwlou it gets me is the ticket, man. >> ticket will be expensive. it's never ending quest to find a home raiders owner mark davis heading to las vegas. billionaire sheldon is planning to construct a billion dollar stadium on the unlv campus. seemed like another leverage play to try to get oakland moving on stadium deal. davis previously explored moving to san antonio. cut out of the l.a. and he might move to san diego if they move to l.a. the they are inform longer in play for the raiders. they won't allow a team in vegas because the concerns over gambling doesn't make a lot of sense but las vegas raiders was trending on twitter tonight and twitter i think the only place you will see the vegas raiders. if you talk to 49ers players from the glory years they tell you never a better owner in the nfl than andy junior and he's up for induction in the pro football hall of fame next
1:37 am
weekend. mr. d willing to pay for grea greatness and in the pre-salary cap days they were loaded with stars. he laid the foundation for 5 superbowl title. this is fourth time as finalist for the hall and so fitting to be introduce entered santa clara. >> i'm just so incredibly humble and i mean that from the bottom of my heart. even to be considered and i know that i have been up some years in a row but i also know that the voters take this process really, really seriously. >> speaking of santa clara. west coast conference hoops kyle came out hot for the zags. gave them a 14-5 lead. trying to keep the broncos in it had 15. first half. he out scored the broncos by himself. he had 23 and santa clara had 22. he finished with 35. the zag kind of took it easy in the second half but 84-67. when one g


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